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NETR Launches its New Real Estate Portal Website

TEMPE, AZ – May 15, 2000 – NETR- Real Estate Research & Information launches its new real estate porthole website,, which now offers easy access to courthouses, real estate and environmental service providers, current issues and online ordering of services.  Customers are now able to access a variety of online real estate services, nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  NETR currently has the only website of its kind that offers all these services in one convenient location.  Through nationwide notoriety, NETR is well positioned to cater to the growing needs of real estate professionals, lenders, bankers, brokers, developers, consultants, telecommunication companies and more.

NETR is a vital alternative to title companies for public records searching, examining and reporting services.  NETR is a prominent nationwide provider of Historical Ownership Chain of Title reports that satisfy one of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) requirements to qualify for the Innocent Landowners Defense.  Aside from Historical Ownership Chain of Title reports, NETR also offers Current Owner and Tax searches, Industrial Directory searches (NJ only), and Document and Verification services.  By offering consumers a one-stop-shop for property information nationwide, NETR is on the leading edge of the real estate community. 

NETR has been ranked in the top 10 of the top 100 websites of real estate professionals by the Internet Consumer’s Group,  Having registered with more than 3,500 search engines, NETR’s website is viewed by thousands of visitors weekly.  NETR now offers advertising on several pages, including a nationwide directory of real estate and environmental service providers.  Contact NETR Marketing Manager Kara J. Lewis for further information about advertising with NETR.

NETR is located in Tempe, AZ.  For additional information or an information packet about NETR and their services, please visit their website at or call (480) 967-6752.

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May 15, 2000

   NETR Launches its New Real Estate Portal Website

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